Cluster Management Circle

is part ofCluster
consists ofCluster Product Owner, Cluster Scrum Master, Cluster System Engineer

A Cluster within the product development Organization is managed by a group of managers. The Cluster Product Owner, the Cluster System Engineer and the Cluster Scrum Master form the Cluster Management Circle following the principal of separating powers. They support and complement each other in the decision-making of topics that reach their level or have been escalated to them by one of the three groups they represent. According to the principle of local decision-making, most decisions are made at the  Team level and only a small proportion escalate.

These constructs effectively prevents “lonely individual manger decisions”, because decisions are previously examined and discussed from all three directions, and thus effectively balanced. Tools for finding this balance are e.g. Balanced score cards, SWOT analyzes and system FMEAs.

The Cluster Management Circle forms an interdisciplinary group of managers who, like all other groups and teams, have daily or weekly Sync meetings and Retrospectives.

Other management roles complement the Cluster Management Circle depending on the type and orientation of the Cluster.


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