Cluster Sync (Scrum-of-Scrums)

is part ofCluster Cycle
Attendees:Team System Engineer Group
Optional Attendees:Cluster Product Owner, Cluster Scrum Master
Adapted artefacts:Cluster Cycle Backlog

Cluster Sync (scrum-of-scrums)

This event enables multiple Working Teams to communicate with each other in order to coordinate dependencies, disruptions, new findings and decisions, etc. with one another during ongoing work. The teams decide how often this is needed (e.g. daily or weekly). Depending on the context, there can be different types of Cluster Syncs, e.g. a daily coordination of all testers of the interdisciplinary teams in a cluster. The Team Product Owners, Team System Engineers and the TSMs should also have a regular coordination round for their groups.

The team representatives can be the Team System Engineers of the teams. However, other technical representatives of the teams can also be appointed.

The Cluster Sync takes place (usually in a semicircle) in front of the Cluster Kanban Board because the members move the Cluster Backlog Items in the Cluster Sync.

The three questions in Cluster Sync are:

  1. What has my team done since the last Cluster Sync?
  2. What will my team expect to do until the next Cluster Sync?
  3. Where is my team blocked and needs support?

The structure of the Cluster Sync can also be used for the exchange of certain roles or expertise, for example a Cluster Sync of the Team Scrum Masters , the Team Product Owners, the testers, the designers, designers, etc.

Due to the shortness of a maximum of 15 minutes, the Cluster Sync is only suitable for identifying problems, but not for discussing or solving them. The required members can use the time after the Cluster Sync to discuss problems, while the unnecessary members can continue to work.

Visitors in Cluster Sync

Visitors who want to experience the Cluster Sync can participate with the permission of the members. The visitors are in the second row and only listen, unless they are addressed by an active member. Visitors can be:

Extended Cluster Sync

One or more times a week, members of teams that work for several Clusters also come into extended Cluster Sync (similar to Extended Team Sync at team level). They answer their three questions accordingly …

  1. What has my team done and achieved for this Cluster since the last extended Cluster Sync ?
  2. What will my team expect to do for this Cluster until the next extended Cluster Sync ?
  3. Where is my team blocked and needs support?

For the teams that work for several Clusters, it must be ensured that the extended Cluster Syncs of the Clusters take place at different times, so that the members of such teams also have the opportunity to participate. Within the Organization, a coordinated cadence of events enables minimal overlap and an optimal workflow.

Joint Cluster Sync

If two Clusters work very closely together, it may make sense to carry out a joint (joint) Cluster Sync one or more times a week. The representatives of one Cluster listen while the representatives of the other Cluster are doing their Cluster Sync and then the reverse is done.


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