Portfolio Architect (PFA)

is aSystem Engineer (generic)
is part ofOrganization, Organization Management Circle
moderatesCluster System Engineer Group
is a role in areaTechnology & Architecture

With the Cluster System Engineer Group at Portfolio and organizational level, the Portfolio architect is responsible for the technology and architecture side of the entire product development process.

The Portfolio architect forms the management of the entire Organization together with the Portfolio Owner and the Organization Scrum Master .


Together with the Portfolio architect, the Cluster System Engineer Group has the following tasks:

  • Creation and maintenance of common architectures within the system Portfolio for the entire Organization
  • Create the organization’s architecture roadmap
  • Analysis and estimation of Portfolio Backlog elements, especially those that are developed across Clusters
  • Creation of technical and architecture-relevant backlog elements for systems, applications & features
  • Interlocking with the refinements in the Clusters
  • In collaboration with the Clusters within the Organization: coordination, definition and support for …
    • Design decisions
    • Test automation and test management
    • Versioning and release process
    • System integration
    • Defect management
    • Product quality issues, such as security, safety, robustness, sustainability / environment
    • common standards for engineering tools, data storage, documentation, common models, release notes. (In the case of process-relevant topics, there is an overlap with the “Processes and Infrastructure” area of ​​the Scrum Master)
  • Coordination of architectural changes of the teams within the different Clusters
    • conflict management
    • Defense and “keeping clean” of the architecture


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