Team System Engineer (TSE)

is aSystem Engineer (generic)
is part ofWorking Team
Multiple are parts ofTeam System Engineer Group
is a role in areaTechnology & Architecture

The Team System Engineer represents the technical expertise and responsibility of his Team in the Team System Engineer Group of the Cluster . If the team does not agree on any other regulation, he also represents the Team in the Cluster Syncs (scrum-of-scrums) . For this, he should have the broadest possible knowledge of the topics within his Team. This can vary significantly depending on the type and area of ​​responsibility.

If a Service Team represents certain expertise (e.g. EMC or acoustics), the Team System Engineer is usually the most experienced of the team.

Within a Module Team , the Team System Engineer knows the modules of his team, their strengths and weaknesses, and their areas of application.

Within an Application Team , the Team System Engineer knows best the technical possibilities for implementing the applications that his team is responsible for.

Within the Working Team, the Team System Engineer has the role of moderating and driving technical decisions and, when in doubt, making them. He is not above the Working Team, but is the “first among equals” (Primus inter paris).


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