Products, Applications and Market Variants

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The Portfolio Backlog at the Organizational level, the top level of all Backlogs, contains Systems, Products and Application variants, as well as product variants for special markets. Each of these product variants is described by a set of System Requirements (feature set). In this way, the product variants can be estimated against each other with regard to both the benefits and the effort to be invested . The so-called Upswing Gravity Field is used for this in the P4 framework .

Each product variant is described, either by a Product Vision, Lightweight Business Case, Business Model Canvas or Lean Canvas, NABC, and/or Context Diagram. These provide answers to the following questions:

  • Why is the product needed?
  • By whom is the product needed (users, customers, and markets)?
  • What benefits does the product create and how?
  • The key features of the product
  • The interfaces to external systems
  • How do we as an organization achieve value with the product according to our organization’s mission?
  • Does the product fit into the organization’s medium and long-term strategy?
  • What effort do we have to invest as an organization (effort of teams and monetary investments)



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