Cluster Product Owner (CPO)

is aProduct Owner (generic)
is part ofCluster, Cluster Management Circle
moderatesTeam Product Owner Group
Multiple are parts ofCluster Product Owner Group
is a role in areaMarket & Business
is responsible forCluster Backlog
approvesSystem Increment, System Platform
acceptsCluster Backlog Item
organizesCluster Backlog Refinement, Cluster Planning, Cluster Review
optionally attendsCluster Sync

The Cluster Product Owner is part of the Team Product Owner Group (TPOG). They have the responsibility for the market and business side of the product development process at the Cluster and System level. (A general description of the product owner role can be found here.)

The Cluster-Product-Owner, the Cluster System Engineer and the Cluster Scrum Master form the Management Circle of the Cluster.

The Cluster Product Owner has the following tasks (together with the Team Product Owner Group):

  • Managing the Cluster Backlog, derived from the Portfolio Backlog, in coordination with the Team System Engineer Group (TSEG)
  • Requirements management: Receiving requests/requirements about systems, applications & features, and working with the Stakeholders on the requirements
    • Secure the DoR so that the System Engineer Group can analyze and estimate it
    • Refinement of Systems, Applications & Features and distribution Backlog Items to Team Backlogs.
    • Analyzing Systems, Applications & Features regarding the business value, e.g. by using Planning-Poker and relative “Value Points”.
  • Prioritizing systems, applications & features within the Cluster Backlog. The Cluster Backlog is freely available and transparent for all Stakeholders
  • Release management (planning, acceptance and release)
    • Release planning: Planning of the systems, applications & features in reasonable System Variants and versions. The release planning is publicly available and transparent for all stakeholders
    • Feedback of the priority and, if necessary, scheduling information to the stakeholders
  • Optional, especially if the organization is not continuously agile: Information & Reporting: Display progress and allow updating of higher-level plans
  • Definition & maintenance of processes and templates (self-organisation)


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