Quality Attributes & Constraints

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Quality attributes are Non-Functional Requirements that more or less restrict the Functions and features of a system. These are mostly “How” questions, i.e. how fast, how big, how heavy, how expensive, how long-lasting, how robust, how safe? These requirements often have to be balanced against each other. For this purpose, minimum achievable and desired values ​​are often given. P4 also requires that these are put in a clear order (in the form of a QA/C backlog) so that decisions can be made more easily in the event of conflicts.

Constraints are restrictions that must be observed. They correspond to Quality Attributes that have only a minimum value. The sources of Constraints are often regulatory or legal requirements, as well as product norms and standards*. Due to their severely restrictive effect, the Constraints are usually the top priority in the QA/C backlog.

(see also FURPS and ISO / IEC 9126 )

*) Process norms and standards are referenced within the Organization’s Definition of Done (DoD).


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