Cluster Cycle

is aCadence
consists ofCluster Backlog Refinement, Cluster Planning, Cluster Retrospective, Cluster Review, Cluster Sync, TPOG Working Time, TSEG Working Time, TSMG Working Time
Multiple are parts ofPortfolio Cycle
consists of multipleIteration
Base rhythm ofCluster

The basic idea of the Iteration as a time-box for the Teams is used at Cluster level by the Cluster Cycle as a larger fixed period as a basic rhythm for the Cluster. Frequently, the System versions, products and Applications are also brought to the market in the rhythm of the Cluster Cycles. The advantage of a fixed rhythm is its predictability for the teams, managers and stakeholders. In practice, a Cluster Cycle length of a quarter of a year has proven itself. There are the following options:

  • 3 four-week iterations + 1 inter Cycle week
  • 4 three-week iterations + 1 inter Cycle week
  • 6 two-week iterations + 1 inter Cycle week

This results in 13 weeks per quarter, which corresponds quite accurately to the actual duration (4 x 13 = 52 weeks).

So, one Cluster Cycle consists of:

All Cluster Cycle meetings are held within the Inter Cycle Week, starting with the Cluster Review and ending with the Cycle Post-Planning.


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