Definition of Ready (DoR)

The definition-of-ready (DoR) is a list that defines which criteria certain artifacts must meet before defined actions start in the organizational unit (Team, Group, Cluster). It is an agreement to set clear quality criteria for artifacts. In the P4 framework, a team shouldn’t pull unestimated Backlog Items into an Iteration. DoRs exist at all levels and may differ between organizational units.


The DoR is an extension of the concept of the Definition-of-Done (DoD). The DoR defines which criteria must be met so that work is ready and can be started.

The DoR determines internal rules for organizational units, e.g. for the cooperation of the Team Product Owner with the Working Team. However, it also regulates the cooperation between teams, especially if the teams deliver documents or results. It is important that the DoD of the supplying team corresponds to the DoR of the supplied team. This is the only way to ensure smooth cooperation.

The concept of DoR / DoD enables a structured discussion and the definition of clear interfaces between organizational units. Organizational modeling in the P4 framework is based workflows, value streams on the SIPOC method.

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