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consists ofExtended Team Sync, Team Backlog Refinement, Team Planning, Team Retrospective, Team Review, Team Sync
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The Iteration is a fixed length timebox for each of the Teams within a Cluster and corresponds to a constant basic rhythm. Usually, all Teams within the Cluster choose the same Iteration length, especially if they have interdependencies or supply relationships with each other.


Basically there is a choice between two, three or four week Iterations. Within a P4 Cycle, 3 four-week iterations, 4 three-week or 6 two-week iterations can take place.

Since the length of Iterations is always a multiple of weeks, the individual events and meetings always fall on the same day of the week. 

  • Each Iteration begins with a Team Planning , in which the following Iteration is planned by the Team.
  • Every Nucleus Team performs a Team Sync every day . The Team Syncs of different teams can take place simultaneously.
  • Every week, often on the same day of the week as the Team Planning , a Team Backlog Refinement is carried out, in which the members of the Extended Team also participate (at least partially). Many teams use the time before or after the refinement as a weekly Extended Team Sync , i.e. to coordinate the Nucleus and Extended Teams.
  • At the end of the iteration, a Team Review is carried out to demonstrate the Team Results in front of the Stakeholders .
  • The last event in the Iteration is the Team Retrospective, in which the Team reflects and improves the “team process”, i.e. the way the Team works.

Cluster events during the iteration

Events are also carried out at the Cluster level during the iteration. These are :

Organization events during the iteration

Events are also carried out at the organizational level during the iteration. These are :

The following table shows the events in an iteration (1st column) and the events before and after a Cycle (2nd and 3rd column)

Team level Cluster level Organizational level
Portfolio Planning
Cluster Planning
Team Planning
Team Sync, Extended Team Sync and joint Team Sync Cluster Sync Organization Sync
Team Backlog Refinement Cluster Backlog Refinement of the TSEG with the CPO Portfolio Backlog refinement of the CSEG with the PFO
Team Review
Team Retrospective
Cluster Review
Cluster Retrospective Portfolio Review
Organizational Retrospective

The fields highlighted in yellow take place in each iteration .

The fields highlighted in pink take place in each Cluster cycle .

The fields highlighted in cyan take place in every Portfolio cycle .


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