Organization Scrum Master (OSM)

is aScrum Master (generic)
is part ofOrganization, Organization Management Circle
moderatesCluster Scrum Master Group
is a role in areaOrganization, Culture, Infrastructure & Processes
is responsible forOrganization Improvement Backlog, Organizational structure
createsOrganization DOD
organizesOrganization Retrospective
attendsPortfolio Backlog Refinement, Portfolio Planning, Portfolio Review
optionally attendsOrganization Sync

The Organization Scrum Master is part of the  Cluster Scrum Master Group  and is responsible for the  infrastructure and processes  at the  organizational level  , ie the entire product development.

The Organization Scrum Master forms  the  management of the entire Organization together with the  Portfolio architect  and the  Portfolio Owner .

The OSM ensures that the teams within the Organization  can work optimally across all  clusters . Together with the organization’s  Cluster Scrum Masters  (CSM), he ensures an optimal workflow between the Clusters by solving disabilities and problems that arise in the collaboration of the Clusters. To this end, he organizes and moderates the Organization Retrospective and heads the  Cluster Scrum Master Group , in which the CSMs exchange ideas in order to optimize the working conditions and workflow within the Organization.


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