Portfolio Review

is part ofPortfolio Cycle
is organized byPortfolio Owner
Attendees:Cluster System Engineer Group, Organization Scrum Master, Stakeholder
Optional Attendees:Cluster Product Owner Group
Adapted artefacts:Portfolio Backlog
Inspected Artefacts:Application, System Platform

At the end of each Portfolio Cycle, a Portfolio Review is held in which the Cluster System Engineer Group (CSEG) and the Portfolio Owner (PFO) present the results to the Stakeholders. They receive feedback from the Stakeholders on the results so that the Portfolio Owner can adjust the Portfolio Backlog if necessary . Along with any changes to the Portfolio Backlog that were incorporated during the Portfolio Cycle (e.g. in the Portfolio Backlog Refinements), they provide the basis for working together on possible new items that add value to the Portfolio. The Portfolio Review is an informal meeting, not a status report in the classical sense. The presentation of the results is intended as a suggestion for feedback and a basis for cooperation. At the end of the Portfolio Review, the Portfolio Owner can give an update on budgets and important milestones.

For a twelve-week Portfolio-Cycle, an upper limit of four hours is set as the time frame for this meeting. A correspondingly shorter time frame is estimated for shorter Cycles. The Organizational Scrum Master (OSM) ensures that the event takes place and that the participants understand its purpose. The OSM teaches everyone involved to run the event within the specified time frame.

The Portfolio Review includes the following elements:

The result of the Portfolio Review is a revised Portfolio Backlog that corresponds to the common level of knowledge of the participants and through which the CSEG can work on the Portfolio Backlog Items with the highest value in the next Portfolio Cycle. The Portfolio Backlog can also be extensively redesigned to take advantage of new opportunities.


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