Attributes of sucessful teams

Inspired by the book “5 dysfunctions of teams” by Patric Lecioni we have build a systemic model about crucial attributes for effective teams. The five steps form a process with backwards directed loops ensuring and fostering the steps before.

  1. Build Trust of team members into the team and the team leader (aka Psychological Safety), so that they share their honest opinions. This makes possible …
  2. Constructive Conflict and tough conversions make all aspects and views to the discussed problem and their solution options transparent. If the team members trust each other, conflicts about content are not taken personally.When everybody has been heard …
  3. Commitment to decisions even if team members don’t agree (aka “Disagree and commit). It’s not necessary to have consensus, the best solution should win.
    • Decisions should be written down in clear statements to document them for everyone.
  4.  Accountability: All team members remind each other to behave in accordance to the committed decisions.
  5. Team Results are more important than individual success.

Every step is building on the results of the steps before. If a step is not possible for a team, it should take a step back to create the conditions for the following step.