System Increment

is aCluster Artefact
is defined bySamples & Integrations, System Concepts, Architecture & Capabilities, System Requirement & Functions
is owned byTeam System Engineer Group
is approved byCluster Product Owner
is created byCluster
is inspected inCluster Review

System increments are partial or full integrations of system versions that are verified by internal or external tests, as well as by user and / or market tests.

System increments are mostly created by the Application teams of the Cluster i.e. by integrating partial results of the different teams of a cluster (module and platform teams, as well as feature teams).

For the System increment, P4 has adopted the types and definitions of patterns from the Design Thinking Framework. You also use it to define the maturity levels of the samples.

The level of maturity is ultimately defined by the type and number of Knowledge Gaps. Patterns are built to close Knowledge Gaps.


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