Team Goals

is aBacklog Item Type, Team Backlog Item
is formated byStakeholder Story
definesFeature/Application, Internal Service, Versioned Module

Team Goals are the most used elements of the Team Backlog . They describe the goals and (interim) results of the team regarding a Feature, a Module or a Service , depending on the type and responsibility of the Team .

Generally speaking, the Working Team turns Team Goals into Inspectable Results.

Within an Iteration , a single Team can usually not generate an integrated, potentially deliverable System Increment or a new version of an Application . The construction of a System Increment , which is described by a backlog element type “Sample”, is broken down by the Team Product Owners into achievable Team Goals with inspectable Results .

All other types of work are also defined in terms of Team Goals, so that the Working Team has enough freedom how they turn the goals into results.

Team Goals are with Acceptance Criteria in order to describe and constraint them more precisely. When formulating the Team Goals, the Team Product Owner and the Working Team should consider how the results can best be presented in the Team Review in order to receive feedback from the Stakeholders.


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