Team Product Owner Group (TPOG)

is part ofCluster
is moderated byCluster Product Owner
consists of multipleTeam Product Owner
is a group in areaMarket & Business
is responsible forCluster Backlog
attendsCluster Retrospective, TPOG Working Time
optionally attendsCluster Backlog Refinement, Cluster Planning, Cluster Review

The Team Product Owner Group consists of all Team Product Owners of a Cluster and the Cluster Product Owner . At the Cluster and system level, it is responsible for the Market and Business side  of the product development process.

The Team Product Owner Group has the following tasks:

To work effectively, the group should maintain its own Improvement Backlog, conduct regular Syncs for coordination, as well as regular Retrospectives on its own working methods and processes.

Cadence of the TPOG



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