Cluster Improvement Backlog

is aCluster Artefact, Improvement Backlog
consists of multipleCluster Improvement Backlog Item
is owned byCluster Scrum Master, Team Scrum Master Group
contains improvement plan ofCluster
is adapted inCluster Retrospective

The Improvement Backlog describes the supply of improvements and is integrated into the work planning by the relevant group, self-organized. A rule that describes how much work the group spends on improvements (e.g. 10-20%) helps to keep the predictabilityof other Backlog Items high.

The Improvement Backlog is the planning and structuring tool of the Scrum Master. There are Improvement Backlogs on all three levels of the P4 framework (Team, Cluster, Organization).

Each Team that identifies more improvements than can currently be implemented stores these improvements in their Team Improvement Backlog , which the  Team Scrum Master prioritizes with the Team.

The sum of the improvements of a Cluster is located in the Cluster Improvement Backlog, which the Cluster Scrum Master prioritizes with the Team Scrum Master Group. The Cluster Improvement Backlog is mostly fed by the Teams’ suggestions for improvement.

The total of an Organization’s improvements is in the Organization Improvement backlog, which the Organization Scrum Master prioritizes with the Cluster Scrum Master Group. The Organization Improvement Backlog is mostly fed from the cluster’s suggestions for improvement.



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