Organization Mission

is aMission, Organization Artefact
constraintsCluster Mission
contains behavioral definitions ofOrganization

Content of a Mission

The mission covers the areas of responsibility (the What) and the culture and standards of behavior (the How).

The mission clarifies the following points:

  • What is our self-image. What is the purpose of the team?
  • How does the team position itself within the cluster and the organization?
  • How do we want to work together internally (rules of conduct within the team)? How do we behave towards our environment, our “suppliers” and “customers”?
  • What roles and areas of responsibility are there in the team?

The mission of a Cluster is derived from the mission of the Organization, refined and supplemented as necessary.

The mission of a Team is derived from the mission of the Cluster, refined and supplemented as necessary.

The mission should be reviewed at regular intervals and adjusted if necessary so that it corresponds to the current circumstances of the environment and the understanding of the members.

The mission, the Definition-of-done and the Definition-of-Ready form the basis for the group's work process.

Content of a Organization Mission

The organisational mission defines the purpose of the entire organisation for its customers, users and society. It also defines the code of conduct for all employees of the organisation:

  • What is the purpose of the Organization? Why do we exist as an Organization?
  • What culture do we want in the Organizationand how is this promoted, supported and regulated?
  • What behaviour do we expect from our employees, especially in the event of conflicts between different values?
  • How does the Organization behave towards its employees?

The Organization Mission is refined by the missions of its Clusters and groups.