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Usable and documented knowledge is the basis of any system development. It makes it possible to make conscious design decisions. Usable Knowledge also represents the first stage of reuse (see principles).

At a higher level, however, they also represens knowledge of the possibilities and limitations of integrated system solutions (Limits and Trade-offs). To achieve this, it is necessary to build and test partially or fully integrated prototypes.

Design Journal

A design journal is usually created for each system/product/application. In the format of a logbook, it contains ...

  • all design changes that have been made.
  • For each selected and implemented solution:
    • The reasons that led to the change, and
    • the solution options considered (with an analysis of the pros and cons).

The contents of the design journal are also used for the release notes of a product version.

The Design-Journal contains Documented Decision.

The Design-Journal ist important to document Decisions. When the group or team has problems with decisions the TAPIR Decision Guideline may help.

Design Limits and Trade-off Curves

The P4 framework supports the principles and practices of “Knowledge-based Systems Development”. The essential core of this method is to make design decisions only based on solid knowledge. This knowledge of the limitations and trade-offs within the solution space enables optimized solutions to be found. In addition, changes to a solution can be predicted in advance so that design decisions can be made objectively and very quickly.


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