Team Scrum Master Group (TSMG)

is part ofCluster
is moderated byCluster Scrum Master
consists of multipleTeam Scrum Master
is a group in areaOrganization, Culture, Infrastructure & Processes
is responsible forCluster Improvement Backlog
attendsCluster Retrospective, TSMG Working Time

The Team Scrum Master Group with the Cluster Scrum Master (CSM) has responsibility at the Cluster and System level for the  product development process, the infrastructure and the cultural aspects .


Together with the Cluster Scrum Master (CSM) , the Team Scrum Master Group has the following tasks:

    • Creating and optimizing the team setup as a value stream so that the individuals and teams can work as smoothly as possible and with as few dependencies as possible.
    • Creation of the organizational change roadmap , derived from the company vision, in coordination with the Team Product Owner Group and the Team System Engineer Group
    • Impediment Management : Acceptance of team impediments by the Team Scrum Masters (TSM) and the surrounding organization ( stakeholders ). These become Improvement Backlog Itemss (IBIs)
      • Acceptance of Improvement Backlog Itemss from the teams
      • Analysis & refinement of IBIs
      • Assess the benefits and effort. Then prioritize IBIs
      • Processing of the IBIs by the TSMG or by individual TSMs or their teams
    • Escalation of impediments to the Cluster Scrum Master Group (or management in traditionally operating organizations
      • Information & Reporting: Presentation of progress towards the Cluster Scrum Master Group and update of the plans
    • Process release management
      • Documentation of the agile work process within the Cluster (teams, workflows and interfaces, DoR , DoD )
      • Merging with existing processes (Integrated Process Management System)
      • Update and release of the process definitions for the cluster
      • Support of the teams in the implementation of the processes
    • Participation in the definition and maintenance of the organizational processes (within the Cluster Scrum Master Group )

To work effectively, the group should maintain its own Improvement Backlog, conduct regular Syncs for coordination, as well as regular Retrospectives on its own working methods and processes.

an agile transition that often begins in a Cluster of the Organization, the TSMG plans and controls the transition project. She is accompanied by P4 consultants and P4 coaches, who mostly come from external consulting organizations. This group is sometimes called the Agile Transition Team (ATT). Links to other organizations that have introduced the P4 framework can be established for exchange and learning through the “P4 Network” (P4N).

Cadence of the TSMG


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